Wednesday, January 21, 2015

#YourTurnChallenge - Day 3 - This REALLY Needs Fixing!

What to do When it's Your Turn is a book by Seth Godin.  It's been morphed into a writing challenge and you can click the book cover up there to find more information.


Day 3:  Tell us about something that you think should be improved.


This is not going to be as serious or 'heavy' a post as either my Day 1 or Day 2, just so you know.  But it definitely has an effect on my mood, creativity and productivity.

My desk is a mess.

The desk is in our living room, having come with the house.  It belonged to my husband's paternal grandmother before she passed away a couple of years ago.  (We bought the house that summer.)  When we visited, I used to find her often sitting at the desk reading cookbooks.  That's a nice memory of Mamaw, but my point is that the desk is old.  It's made of real wood, but the surface was covered at some point by what looks like a piece of fake wood paneling.  Trouble is, the glue in the center front has loosened with age and now said fake wood paneling bows up in the center.  I've pinched vital parts of my anatomy more than once by leaning forward when I am typing on my laptop.  Also it makes for a sometimes precarious placement of a drink.

But I'm avoiding the true problem.

I could say that my desk is cluttered, but that wouldn't be telling the half of it.  Actually, my daughter and I use the laptop about the same amount of time.  Occasionally, my younger son will do some reading at fanfiction sites.  The point is that the laptop sees a lot of use, and a lot of changing of the guard in terms of users.  There is also a fair amount of folks forgetting to take their empies away with them.

So, I'm going to challenge myself to improve the state of my work location by improving the organization of my desk.  How do I hold myself accountable, you might ask?  On the 31st of January, 2015, I am going to post a picture of my desk on my blog, in whatever state it happens to be.  And I really, REALLY want the desktop to look better than it does now.  And yes, my daughter and son are going to help.

Aside from the neatness factor, when my desktop is cluttered, I don't think as clearly or creatively, and as writing is a big part of my work, that causes problems.

So, you're all invited back to see my wonderful desk a week from Saturday.  I can't promise I'll post 'before' pictures, but you never know. ;)

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  1. ahh yes, the confusion of chaos...
    just stacking the papers into piles is a step forward, and getting them filed a major accomplishment!
    well said, my friend :)