Monday, February 25, 2013

Proverbs 31: 18-19

Marriage Moment

PROVERBS 31:  18-19

18.  She perceiveth that her merchandise is good:  her candle goeth not out by night.

19.  She layeth her hands to the spindle, and her hand holds the distaff.


Whether my "merchandise" is a product or service to sell, or meals, cuddles, gardening and the like in a home setting, a Proverbs 31 Woman works to provide the best for her customers or loved ones.  She knows how to make or provide what her family needs, in the best way for each group's circumstances.  If there is something she does not know or a skill she does not have, she works to develop those abilities.


Originally, I had thought to wait until next week to 'unveil' the habits/goals on which I will be working in March, on my journey to become more like a Proverbs 31 Woman.  But I just can't wait any longer!

Caring for Self - I want to walk 30 mins/day at least 3 days/week:
I obviously need more exercise.  I am older than my father was when he passed away and I have developed some of the same health problems that he had, among them high blood pressure.
Caring for Children - I am going to teach my oldest son, age 16, to drive.
This is something that Brian needs for his own independence.  When it comes time for him to either get a job, or move out for college, etc, especially if he stays in Kentucky, he will need to be able to do this for himself.  And as long as he is home, and we go as a family to visit the in-laws in Texas, it would be SO NICE to have a 3rd driver!
Caring for the Home - I am going to re-vamp our cleaning schedule.
 We are a very crowded family right now, with two adults, two teens, one tween, 1 dog, 1 cat and 6 puppies all in a 3 bedroom apartment.  The old way of cleaning just isn't working anymore.  (And if you know anyone that wants a puppy, feel free to let me know!)
Caring for Finances - I am reorganizing our food budget.
For a long time, I have wanted to prepare food 'closer to home' - baking bread rather than buying it ready made and sliced.  I also need to educate my family more on the benefits of a healthy meal plan.  There is diabetes and heart issues in the current or recent past generations of our family, and I want to make eating better food a priority.
Caring for Husband - I will make sure his study area is organized and clean.
Recently, my husband went back to college at the age of 45.  Growing up, he probably would have been diagnosed with ADHD, if such knowledge existed back then.  The upshot was that not many people believed in his abilities ... including himself.  While some of his subjects are out of my league, I can help him by checking grammar and math, and by keeping his study area free of distractions.
My Relationship with God - I will bolster my prayer life.
 I have never been particularly regular in my prayer life.  At times, I have been one of those who pray a lot when things are not going well, but not so much when the going is easier.  Not entirely sure how this will go, so comments with ideas that have worked for you would be much appreciated!

Later today, I will post my new-ish "Mental Health Mondays" meme/link-up.  If you write about mental health topics, or know someone who does, I invite y'all to link up this afternoon or evening!


  1. Walking is not only good for exercising the body, but great for stress as well, LuAnn. I need to get back to walking everyday, as I used to do twice a day 2 yrs ago. You still have those puppies???

  2. Yes, Cindy, everyone we talk to either wants purebreds and these are mixed breeds. Cute as the dickens, though. :O)

  3. You have some BIG goals. But we can do all things through Him who strengthens us.;) Thanks for linking up with Marriage Moment @ Great Peace Academy

  4. Thanks Renee. I am casting my cares on Him. :O)

  5. I am happy for you for setting goals. I did want to share with you what God has been teaching me recently. God gave us the law to show that we cannot keep it- to clearly show us that we need him. Look at Proverbs 31 the same way - it is there to show us that without Him, we cannot acheive that "status." Not to say don't pursue your goals, because the Grace of God allows you to do so, but don't let it consume and frustrate you- we can easily mean well and become Pharisees when God just wants our love.

  6. Thank you for your insights, Bekah. Frustrating myself is something, unfortunately, at which I am all too practised. But that one is on my list as well. :O)

  7. I love your interpretation of the Proverb. So many people disparage "women's work", when mothering is the most beautiful job of all.

  8. Sounds like you have quite the month ahead LuAnn!
    Thanks for sharing your goals with us at Inspire Me Monday - and I hope you got my note a few weeks back (let me know how things are going when you have a free moment!)

    Create With Joy