Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Favorites

Acting Balanced

1.  Favorite Movie - Henry V (Brannagh version)

2.  Favorite TV Show - NCIS

3.  Favorite Author - William Shakespeare

4.  Favorite Color - Purple

5.  Favorite Car - Jaguar XJ-S

6.  Place I Most Want to Visit - Scotland

7.  Favorite Dessert - (tie) cheesecake & baklava

8.  Favorite Supernatural Character Type - vampire

9.  Favorite Bible Verse(s) - Psalm 23

10.  Favorite Soft Drink - Coke Zero

What are your favorites?


  1. Gracias por seguirme, todo un honor.
    I am followin you now.
    I hope we keep in touch.

  2. I definitely concur that NCIS is my favorite TV show!! And I have always loved reading William Shakespeare-my fav quote is from him "To thine own self be true and it must follow as the night the day tho canst not then be false to any man"-My fav movie is Fiddler on the Roof-love the color purple-but HOT PINK is my fav. My absolute favorite dessert of all time--JELLO!!

  3. Bienvenido al porche! Me encanta ver a sus equipos diferentes en su blog. Muy elegante!

    Welcome to the porch! I love seeing the different outfits on your blog. Very stylish!

  4. Great faves, Miki. If more characters had listened to Polonius at that point, maybe their bodies wouldn't be littering the stage in Act V! :p

  5. Yes, no doubt I love William Shakespeare.

  6. Yes, Leovi, if I could make a living doing only Shakespeare plays/festivals, I would!

  7. Cool post!

    1. Favorite Movie - Something To Talk About

    2. Favorite TV Show - Grey's Anatomy

    3. Favorite Author - Francine Rivers

    4. Favorite Color - Green

    5. Favorite Car - A clean one- I'm never in one though

    6. Place I Most Want to Visit - California

    7. Favorite Dessert - Pecan Pie

    8. Favorite Supernatural Character Type - I don't think I have one

    9. Favorite Bible Verse(s) - Jer 29:11

    10. Favorite Soft Drink - Diet Mtn Dew

  8. Thanks for adding your favorites as well, Sonya. I added myself as F. Rivers fan on Facebook (I'm liking the synopses of her books that I've read so far), and refamiliarized myself with Jer 29:11. Did you know there is a site called

  9. Yes, Jennifer, I've enjoyed the Dracula story ever since Frank Langella's Dracula back in 1979. Hope to see your work on the hop!