Monday, November 6, 2017

King Harald's Snow Job by Richard Audry - #review #giveaway

It’s early December and Andy Skyberg is itching to blow town for a weekend of holiday cheer with old friends—including a date with an attractive divorcée who thinks he’s hot.

But first, Aunt Bev needs a teensy bit of help. She’s managing the Girls’ Weekend Out event at the Beaver Tail Resort and could use some extra muscle. Andy figures he can spare a few hours before hitting the road.

Mother Nature, though, has other plans. A giant blizzard makes an unexpected turn. Andy and his pooch King Harald find themselves snowbound—in a hotel full of hard-partying women, stranded travelers, a hockey team, a man-eating novelist, a belligerent blogger, and one violent, devious jewel thief.

Before you know it, man and mutt are up to their noses in another case. It’s a winter wonderland of fast-paced fun and merry madness, as the sleuthing duo dig out from King Harald’s Snow Job.



King Harald has got to be the coolest dog on the planet.  My own dog, Sneakers is my BFFF, of course (best furry friend forever).  And if it weren't for King Harald's proficiency at finding dead things, and, well, there's that whole fictional thing...I'd be saying, "Ya know, Sneakers is single...." *lol*

If I were a guy wading into a GWO, even if it were to help out family, I'd definitely want a King Harald by my side, just to have a neighborly testosterone in the in the big sea of estrogen, if you catch my drift.  And dogs have this uncanny ability to judge a person's character, even the things they try to keep hidden.

I absolutely love the chapters that are told from King Harald's point of view.  He calls Anders the Boss.  (I wonder if Springsteen knows about this? *lol*  Don't worry, King Harald, I don't think he'd mind.)

Author Richard Audry has added another cozily readable and eminently enjoyable King Harald novel to the series.  I get a LOT of books in the mail, and I enjoy 99% of them.  But nothing puts a smile on my face like when I get a royal visit.  Long live the King!



Richard Audry is the pen name of D. R. Martin. In addition to his career as a journalist and copywriter, D. R. has written a dozen books, both fiction and non-fiction. His current projects include a fantasy adventure trilogy, a canine cozy mystery series, and historical mysteries set at the turn of the last century.




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(Disclosure:  I received a copy of this book from the author and publishers via Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours in exchange for my honest review.)

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