Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Master the Art of Connecting by Lou Diamond - #review

Making key connections in your life can launch your business, your sales, even your personal life and send them soaring to unforeseen levels.The connections you make can have a domino effect in spawning so many incredible opportunities to achieve your goals and dreams.

Yet, many people are unaware how important and powerful connections can be or they don’t know how to get started creating connections. Lou Diamond has taught the art of making great connections all over the world. Let Lou show you how to establish deep, powerful connections that can be essential to success in your career, in your business and even in your personal life.

"Master the Art of Connecting" will inspire you to begin now to channel your short term efforts into long term returns. Lou Diamond’s approach to establishing and maintaining connections is practical, easy to implement and has a history of success.



I was a little hesitant to read this book.  It seemed to be a 'business-y' book and the ones I pick up are usually either boring or an ego trip for the author.

I am so pleased to say that this book was neither one of those!

In Master the Art of Connecting, Lou espouses the idea that rather than simply selling something, we should be making real connections other people.  Because if we are in the business of sales of products or services, (or trying to set a certain program going at a church, or convincing a potential employer that YOU are the one for the job, etc.) which is better:  a) selling a bunch to one customer because we need "X" dollars to be top in sales, or b) having a smaller initial sale that concentrates on solving a customer's current problems and have them come back the next time(s) they need something?

And it's applicable not just in business, but in many areas of life...any time there is contact between two or more people.

The writing is clear and concise.  Lou uses some simple, nifty graphics and numerous stories from his professional life as examples.

I enjoyed the concept of a 'connecting core' and it's four elements with the acronym S.A.F.E. (Super Why, Authenticity, Fearless Mindset and Empathy).  When you want to improve your health, core-strengthening exercise is often a path we take.  If you want to improve your ability to connect with people, you need to strengthen and maintain your connecting core.

I got this book as a freebie on Amazon, probably through BookBub, although there are any number of free/discounted book sites online.  I just checked (well, last night 3 Jan 2017) and it was now USD 0.99, still a fantastic price.

I'm definitely comfortable recommending Master the Art of Connecting by Lou Diamond to family, friends and readers.



I did not find a website or social media presence other than the LinkedIn profile above.  The following is from his Amazon author page:

My name is Luis O. Pichardo, aka Lou Diamond. I was born on August 11, 1978, in a small town called ‘El Capotillo’ in Santo Domingo the Capital of the Dominican Republic. Since the day I was born I always knew that I was a gifted baby. I always knew I was different from the rest of my peers. This gift of being different attracted many different obstacles in my life.


I read this book in 2016, intending to use it to fulfill the COYER Reading Challenge.  But I acquired it 2 days after the cut off date for books, but it can still count towards the Read 1 Million Pages challenge.  

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  1. Hello LuAnn! Many thanks for your great review of Master the Art of Connecting. I work with Lou Diamond and we'd love to promote the link to the review on Lou's social media. Unfortunately, the author bio and photo you have attached to the review do not belong to Lou. Here are Lou's social links:
    If you could update your review that would be great. I'd also be happy to send you a bio and photo.