Saturday, December 24, 2016

Read One Million Pages (Perpetual) Reading Challenge

The Read One Million Pages Challenge is hosted by Julie at "Smiling Shelves".  It's pretty 1,000,000 pages during your lifetime.  Click on the button to go directly to the sign-up post!

I suppose I will check on GoodReads for my 2014-2016 totals and then add on from there...(or is it here)?  My plan is to take the month of January to get that caught up.  Before then...well, I'm old enough that I'm sure a measurable percentage of pages are lost to the mists of time. *lol*  But that's ok.  We can only do what we can do, right?


PRE 2017

24 Dec 2016 - 92 pages - 92 pages - Master the Art of Connecting by Lou Diamond

1.  The Parting: The Courtship of Nellie Fisher by Beverly Lewis - (352 pp)
2.  The Wave at Hanging Rock by Gregg Dunnett - (362 pp)
3.  Unknown: a story of the captivity of Mary of Scotland by Charlotte Mary Yonge - (614 pp)
4.  Night of the Purple Moon by Scott Cramer (212 pp)
5.  40 Ways to Get Closer to God by Jerry MacGregor (195 pp)
6.  The Vampyre Legal Chronicles: Marcus by CC MacKenzie (DNF - 51% or approx 105 pp)


  1. Good luck with the challenge :) I wish I read more often...

    1. Thanks, Sampada! I've gone a little crazy with reading the last couple of years, because there was a long stretch of years that I read only textbooks or children's books. :O)

  2. Lately you've been signing up for all the challenges! I hope they all go well in 2017 :D

    1. Yup, I'm a challenge junkie, Olivia! :O)