Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Any of you who have visited in the last few days, know that my husband and I are engaged in a little feud with our next-door neighbors who have a dog kennel/training service.  Not that their dogs are a nuisance.  We are dog people.  Currently, we have seven of our own.  Yes, it makes for a crowded, crazy and chaotic apartment sometimes, but we have been working with the local Humane Society to find a rescue for three of the puppies who need forever homes.

Well, yesterday she took it a step further...and posted pictures into our back yard from a second-story window of her house.  Since she added comments showing her interpretation of the photos and believes they hold up her side of the story, I don't think she'll mind if I link to them here.  I apologize for over-snarkiness in my commentary, but neither will I take her abuse lying down.

But I said questions, didn't I?  Bad writer.  Sit.  Stay.

1.  In the first photo, there is a picture of the raised garden y'all put in last year.  I had been going to compliment you on it because I think it looks very nice.  Now ... well, it does still look nice, but I don't think I'll say anything.  Why did you feel the need to make the angle wide enough to show into my back yard and catch a view of my 10 year old daughter?

2.  The second photo is also purportedly of your garden, commenting on the fence.  It is a decent looking fence.  Two questions here.  Running a dog training service with approximately a dozen dogs boarded there at any given time, and given your penchant for absolute quiet and lack of distraction during training sessions, why did you not have a privacy fence up in the first place?  Why title the photo album "dogs still charging fence"?

3.  Quite frankly, the third picture puzzles me.   If you are close enough to my dogs to judge their motives in running by the fence when someone or some of your dogs are close to it, why can't you see that Brownie is a girl dog?

4.  Photo #4.  Yep, those are a couple of vicious 6-month old puppies charging at your fence intent on doing you and yours harm.  Oh wait, aren't they running parallel to the fence and about 15 feet away from it?  I do object to the comment made by one of your 'friends' which suggests electrifying the fence and injuring my dogs.  Don't all dogs have the same rights in their own yards?  Or, maybe your dogs are 'more equal' than ours, because you apparently own your home (it is on the market) and we are only 'apartment squatters' (those are your exact words).

5.  Photo #5.  Perhaps you need to get your eyes checked.  Yes, that is my husband through the trees.  His arms are not crossed.  They are by his sides.  Why did the picture include a view of my daughter's face?  What is missing from all of the pictures, are any dogs on either side of the fence...charging.

Would it make a difference to your report to know that when you took the above pictures, we had a visitor in the parking lot...who just happened to be associated with the local Humane Society, come to take a look at the pups to help us place them with a rescue?  Would it make a difference to your version of events if she knew the HS knew about the pictures...and the weapon?  Would it make a difference to your report if I said we had proof?

So many questions....so little time.


  1. Absolutely seen NO charging dogs ... *sad* hope you find homes for those 3 pups :)

  2. How sad. I use facebook almost daily. But I have to say, what that woman did is one of the things that I despise about facebook. Anyone can post anything--lies included. I hope that they sell their house soon. Kudos to you for giving those pups a home while the HS tries to place them. And hang in there. Ignore her; it will get better.