Monday, April 15, 2013


One passion I have discovered relatively recently is making up new words, like "porchervation" - which is an observation made on a porch.  Well, there's another one coming at you today, and it's...


What is a "mom-um-vi-rate" you ask?  Well, it's like a triumvirate with more emphasis on moms than on the number of them.  There was no intention of excluding women who do not have, cannot have, or do not want children, but that was how the word came to me.

I was thinking up ideas on what to write for the A to Z Challenge and wondered what would happen if you got a Christian mom, a Muslim mom, a Jewish mom, a Buddhist mom, etc etc etc (from various religions or lack thereof, etc) together to discuss parenting.  My hope would be such ladies could share their own ideas and experiences and learn from their momumvirate-mates.

And it needn't be exclusively around a spiritual axis.  Any social scale that classifies and separates moms will do - different states/countries, different economic backgrounds, different industries, different social backgrounds, and the like.  

Do you have any momumvirates in your life?  Men could have dadumvirates (because I don't want to discriminate), women in general could have womumvirates;  I suppose British moms could have mumumvirates and so on.

What do you think of the concept in general?


Lastly, you will see two buttons up there again today, one for the A to  Z Challenge, that takes you to the list of participants.  The second is for my other favorite group of bloggers, those that meet up on Create With Joy!


  1. I love making up new words. I had to do that for a class recently, and I came up with "reminent" (ree-mi-nent) for that moment when you had a thought just on the tip of your brain, but suddenly can't remember what it was...

    I like your original words :)

    swinging by from A-Z!

  2. How fun to make up words! My granddaughter does it all the time and we adopt them into our everyday conversations!

  3. Thanks for your A to Z visit Jenelle.

    If you ever want to have scientific studies done on reminents, I have them all the time! ;)