Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What I Do and Do Not Miss About High School

This one is kind of tough for me. Sometimes I can hardly remember last week, or yesterday, and they want me to remember high school? Yikes!

I miss some of the people (both students and teachers). I think it's kind of strange that some of my classmates have grandchildren that are the ages of my children (yep, I was an older first-time mom). I miss the feeling that I had more days ahead of me than I do behind. In my senior year, I was on the school paper staff...that was fun.

I don't miss being overweight and painfully introverted.

However, something happened in high school that probably overshadowed anything else "bad" that may have happened. About four months before graduation, my father came home sick from work one day. That was unusual because he was so type "A". A week later he passed away (stroke/heart attack) at the age of 47. I was in a play called "Lazarus Laughed" by Tennessee Williams (I think?) at the time, so the whole theme was like, 'there is no death'. Even in our church community at the time, social invitations kind of dried up after that...like people were afraid death was catching or something.

Yup, I could've done without most of that.

I'm not usually this maudlin, so I'm going to close out this post and go think about my daughter's 8th birthday on 2/2.


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  2. happy birthday to your daughter

    Death has a funny way of making individuals react we often do not know what to say or how to deal with it your fathers death sounds as if it may have been a shock to all involved. My family was sort of done the same way all though we were out of highschool my youngest brother was still in highschool and he felt the stagnation as well

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    Happy Wednesday!

  4. Wow. What a high school experience. I know I do not miss the busy work we had in high school.
    I do miss being in great shape from all the sports.

  5. Hi from the Blog Dare. High School for me was the worst time in my life-nothing good in there at all. So, I just try to forget it. Thanks for being transparent & sharing with us. I'm still working on that myself=) I'm your newest follower.

    Danae@Believing Unbeliever

  6. I am so sorry about your father's passing in high school. It's crazy to think that you could be talking to someone and the next day they are gone. My next door neighbor - a complete sweetheart - just passed away of a heart attack last week. Just makes you realize how short life really is.