Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - 13 Halloween Memories

1. I had to work on Halloween last year.

2. I didn't have to work on Halloween this year.

3. Luckily I also did not have to work the day before Halloween this year, as that's when trick-or-treating was done around here. (I think it has to do with Wednesday being a big church night, but I'm not sure.)

4. The kids had store-bought costumes for the 2nd time this year. Before we had pieced together whatever we could find.

5. DD was a "butterfly princess", and looked really cute walking around in her brother's parka with the wings attached to the outside.

6. DS1 and DS2 were ninjas ... and if people thought they looked like twins BEFORE...!

7. When we were young, our bags were turned over at the end of the night to our parents, and we would get like 2 or 3 pieces of candy each day after that for the duration.

8. When parents did not have to "inspect" the treat bags for razor blades, tainted candies, etc etc etc.

9. When the time changed the Sunday before Halloween. It was so weird starting trick-or-treating in SUNLIGHT!

10. Going trick-or-treating one time in jr high school and being met at the door by one of my classmates and being really embarrassed! (Now I see like high school kids walking around in droves. *sigh*)

11. Having out of town relatives not understanding what we were doing home when we called them on Halloween night this year. (See #3 above.)

12. When we first moved to Kentucky, DD was 2 years old and was a "UK cheerleader" that time. Man, did she SCORE with the townspeople (and with her Papaw). *LOL*

13. The last two years we lived in Ft Worth, we went to Halloween parties at different churches i/o around the neighborhood. We lived in apartments, and there just wasn't a lot of ... participation.


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  1. Ah halloween...
    I remember the plastic Strawberry Shortcake costume I wore when I was 11. I begged and begged for it... and it was SO uncomfortable...

    psst. Tag! You're it! (Check out my blogs for details!)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm proud of you for participating in NaMoWriMo. Perhaps you could blog about the novel? What's it about?