Friday, November 9, 2007

1/365 - Mom

I've started a new meme! WOOHOO!

Quoting from the site:

This started with one guy who wanted to mark turning 40 in a cool and meaningful way, now people all over the world are making a list of 365 people they've met during the course of their lives - people who left an impression and whose name they remember - then they're randomly writing a set number of words about someone on their list. They're doing this once a day - for a year.
A lot of people are using their age as a limit on the number of words for each post, but as far as I can tell there really are no restrictions...just an exercise in working with the same guidelines for each entry.

(Except for this one obviously, because I had to do all the explanation stuff. *LOL*)


My mother was born in Switzerland. We don't always agree, but it was the way she raised me that kept me from getting into more trouble than I did while growing up! Now that I'm a mom, too, I love her more than ever!


  1. I checked out the site and started my list.... very cool! Although he's right. The first 50 or so came really easily... after that, it's getting harder.