Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts - A Certain Age

TT&HH is a meme hosted by Lexxie at (un)Conventional Book Reviews.  All y'all readers out there are welcome to share a food or drink related quote from a book you are reading or have read.  Click the button above to get the full details and to link up your post(s)!


The 'book book' (print) I am reading currently is "A Certain Age" by Beatriz Williams.  Here's a short synopsis:

As the freedom of the Jazz Age transforms New York City, the iridescent Mrs. Theresa Marshall of Fifth Avenue and Southampton, Long Island, has done the unthinkable: she’s fallen in love with her young paramour, Captain Octavian Rofrano, a handsome aviator and hero of the Great War. An intense and deeply honorable man, Octavian is devoted to the beautiful socialite of a certain age and wants to marry her. While times are changing and she does adore the Boy, divorce for a woman of Theresa’s wealth and social standing is out of the question, and there is no need; she has an understanding with Sylvo, her generous and well-respected philanderer husband.

But their relationship subtly shifts when her bachelor brother, Ox, decides to tie the knot with the sweet younger daughter of a newly wealthy inventor. Engaging a longstanding family tradition, Theresa enlists the Boy to act as her brother’s cavalier, presenting the family’s diamond rose ring to Ox’s intended, Miss Sophie Fortescue—and to check into the background of the little-known Fortescue family. When Octavian meets Sophie, he falls under the spell of the pretty ingénue, even as he uncovers a shocking family secret. As the love triangle of Theresa, Octavian, and Sophie progresses, it transforms into a saga of divided loyalties, dangerous revelations, and surprising twists that will lead to a shocking transgression . . . and eventually force Theresa to make a bittersweet choice.

Now would I like to have a dessert or cocktail named in my honor?  I suppose it would depend on was.  I once made up a concoction at one of those "ice cream and mix-in" places they used to have that I called "Cinillamint Mocha".  You start with a base of chocolate ice cream (or frozen yogurt), then add in ground cinnamon, instant coffee granules, crushed peppermint candy and ... well, I forget how the vanilla got in there...but it was there!  Heaven in a cup!


So, what are you reading now?  Do you have a quote (food/drink or anything) to share?  I'd love to hear it!

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  1. I definitely think I'd rather have a cocktail named after me than a dessert ;) It sounds a bit 'bigger' somehow :)
    You found a great quote, LuAnn! Thanks for participating :)

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews