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Midsummer Night's Mischief by Jennifer David Hesse - #review #giveaway

As the Summer Solstice approaches in idyllic Edindale, Illinois, attorney Keli Milanni isn’t feeling the magic. She’s about to land in a cauldron of hot water at work. Good thing she has her private practice to fall back on–as a Wiccan. She’ll just have to summon her inner Goddess and set the world to rights. . .

Midsummer Eve is meant for gratitude and celebration, but Keli is not in her typically upbeat mood. The family of a recently deceased client is blaming her for the loss of a Shakespearean heirloom worth millions, and Keli’s career may be on the line. With both a Renaissance Faire and a literary convention in town, Edindale is rife with suspicious characters, and the intrepid attorney decides to tap into her unique skills to crack the case. . .

But Keli weaves a tangled web when her investigation brings her up-close and personal with her suspects–including sexy Wes Callahan, her client’s grandson. The tattooed bartender could be the man she’s been looking for in more ways than one. As the sun sets on the mystical holiday, Keli will need just a touch of the divine to ferret out the real villain and return Edindale, and her heart, to a state of perfect harmony. . .



If Keli isn't careful, she's going to give lawyers a good name!  I find it somewhat odd that a Wiccan was a lawyer in such a staid firm, but stranger things have happened.  Keli cares as much about justice as the letter of the law (which often coincides, but not always), and speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves.

She is happy for her client, a nice older lady who happened to find a First Folio in her attic amongst her deceased husband's things.  Such a find would bring a lost literary treasure to light, as well as bring her fame and fortune.  The client wanted to make sure that when her will was drawn up, with the *ahem* upswing in her finances, that her favorite charities were remembered after her passing.

But she passed sooner, rather than later.  Then the Folio disappeared (aka was stolen).

Enter Wes Callahan, tall, dark and dangerously handsome, the former client's grandson.  He is one member of the family that doesn't think Keli is responsible for the loss of the Folio - not that she took it, but that she didn't provide for its safe-keeping.

To exponentially grow the suspect pool, there is both a Ren Faire and a literary convention in town.  Now I don't know about a literary convention, but I love me a good Ren Faire.  Now if I came across a First Folio, I would probably faint, but at least one person in Edindale had a more monetary interest in the relic.

As Midsummer progresses, so does Keli's and Wes's attraction, and so does the danger to Keli as she uncovers more information that 'person or persons unknown' would like to stay private.  Which is the most breathtaking....the action, or Wes?  You be the judge.

As Midsummer Night's Mischief is a "Wiccan Wheel Mystery", I am interested to find out if the release of the books in the series will follow the wheel.  Will the next installment feature Mabon, or some other holiday?  However that plays out, I'm lining up right now to celebrate them all with Keli & Co.



Jennifer David Hesse is the author of the Wiccan Wheel Mysteries, a cozy mystery series published by Kensington Books.

Like her main character, Jennifer is also a lawyer, an English major, and a vegetarian. Unlike Keli, Jennifer is not a twenty-nine-year old single lady, and she does not practice family law. (Jennifer’s legal focus is environmental law.)

As a nature-loving, mystery-reading, magic-seeking, daydreaming kinda gal, Jennifer is thrilled to be able to write fun, lighthearted whodunits ~ with a touch of romance & a hint of magic. Midsummer Night’s Mischief  is her debut novel.

Born and raised in Central Illinois, Jennifer now makes her home in Chicago with her husband, jazz guitarist Scott Hesse, and their daughter, Sage. When she’s not working or writing, Jennifer enjoys yoga, hiking, and movie & pizza night with her family.




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(Disclosure:  I received a copy of this book from the author and publishers via Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours and NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.)


  1. This author is new to me; the book sounds good!

  2. Sounds like an interesting read. Looking forward to reading.

  3. New to me...I am thrilled to be introduced to this author and book. I love the reading adventure offering a unique community or theme, and Wiccan culture is extremely fascinating. Thanks!