Friday, May 27, 2016

Bait and Snitch by Welling and Lynn - #review

Ponderosa Pines used to be the safest place on earth.

Lately, though, EV Torrence and Chloe LaRue are wondering if their once-sleepy town has caught a ride in a handbasket–with a one-way ticket to someplace hot! When visiting attorney Stacey Hawthorne is brutally attacked, EV and Chloe launch into a new investigation–one that will expose several of their neighbors' deepest secrets.

One of those neighbors has a past, and it’s about to come back to haunt the whole town.



Wow, I can relate to the no cell phone service out in the boonies.  Used to be we had to drive to the top of the hill and one of the church parking lots before we could get any bars.  I like living in the country and that there is not a lot of traffic that goes by (rush hour is more than two cars passing by in an hour), but not getting cell service in times of emergency can be a problem.  Stacey Hawthorne and her rescuer found that out all too well in Bait and Snitch by ReGina Welling and Erin Lynn.

Of course, Stacey's winter accident had rather more serious and immediate consequences than the chance of freezing to death.  Stacey is a lawyer and she knows the secret identity of someone living in the town of Ponderosa Pines. The first man who stops to 'aid' the damsel in distress knows that and tries to squeeze the knowledge out of Stacey, along with her life.  Luckily for Stacey, her knight in rustic armor, Christian, happened along at the right time.  It was touch and go for a while, but if he hadn't come along, Stacey would have been gone long before the snow would have killed her.

Since this incident takes place at the outskirts of Ponderosa Pine, it falls to Nate and Dalton to figure out whodunnit.  Luckily for them, they are cozy with the towns biggest pair of Nosy Nellies, EV and Chloe.  It should be noted that the nickname is a term of endearment, because the friends do have a way of finding out more from people than they would be willing to share with the law.

For 48 hours, the two pairs (EV and Chloe vs Dalton and Nate) play 'dueling banjo' detectives, seeing which pair can come up with the most evidence about the town's current most pressing mystery.  At bet is either money or the organization of the law enforcement back files.

Welling and Lynn give readers a great look into the best and worst of small-town living.  People there really care about each other and neighbor is not just applied to people whose property is geographically next to your own.  But sometimes having everyone know your business can be ... problematic and/or embarrassing!

So while EV, Chloe, Dalton and Nate are the main powers in driving the investigation forward, it's all hands on deck for the rescue at the denouement.  Reading Bait and Snitch was like coming home.



ReGina Welling is the author of the Psychic Seasons series and co-author of the Ponderosa Pines series written with her lovely daughter, Erin Lynn. She has recently moved back to Maine where she was raised in a small town with certain similarities to Ponderosa Pines–one that felt like an extended family.

Erin Lynn is the co-author of the Ponderosa Pines series. After living in Syracuse, NY for 8 years, she recently returned to the middle of nowhere, Maine with the intention of hibernating, writing lots of books and turning a neglected house into a beautiful home.




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  1. Great review,LuAnn - I'm totally familiar with my little red car looking like that snowdrift cover :) and your 2 car rush hour has me L0L - thanks for sharing the fun!
    And happy weekending with an xtra day...

    1. Oh that's right, Sharon, it's Memorial Day on Monday. Yup, the "boonies" is my middle name. :p A great weekend to you and yours as well!

  2. I think I would enjoy reading this book.

    1. It was a fun read alright, JJ. Did you enter the contest?