Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 Blogging Better: A New Year's Reading Challenge

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The 2016 Blogging Better Reading Challenge is hosted by Katie at the Doing Dewey blog.  Click the logo above to go to the sign-up page.

The main idea is to read books that give ideas about becoming better bloggers.  Other than that, it is a free-form challenge.  You can read whatever titles you want.

>Several people seem to be going with 1 book per month and several participants give the names of books they will be reading as part of the challenge.  The 1 book/month rate sounds good to me.  I know I've got several in my Kindle and a couple of PDF files.

So, I'm going with the 1 per month rate as well.


January 2016 - My Online Business Blueprint by Andre Bennett (covers private labeling and blogging for profit)
***This is the book I plan to read for January.

February 2016 - Blog Design Basics
March 2016 - Blog Essentials by Ponn Sabra and Heidi Nazarudin
April 2016 -
May 2016 -
June 2016 -
July 2016 -
August 2016 -
September 2016 -
October 2016 -
November 2016 -
December 2016 -


  1. I'm looking forward to reading your updates on these books, LuAnn. I could really use this challenge. I have many blogging books that are waiting for me to finally read them. Hopefully, I can jump in it next year! I have another list of books I've already promised to read first :). Happy New Year, my friend!

    1. Happy New Year as well to you and yours, Candace! I usually read the books I've got for blog tours first, and when I've picked up a comfortable 'cushion' I go for checking off those challenge lists. ;)

  2. I'm glad you're joining in and I look forward to seeing what you read! I also already own some books I'll be reading for this challenge, but I'm sure I'll run out and be looking for more ideas before the end of the year :)

    1. My trouble, Katie, is finding more books BEFORE I and read what I already have. Hence my gigantic TBR. *lol*

  3. Books about being better bloggers... I'm sure most books about people skills would qualify.

    1. I was wondering about that, Alex! I actually found more books about SEO, monetization and social media than those focused on writing and content.

  4. Pretty interesting to read books about becoming better bloggers! I don't think that is something I've thought too much about doing although I have read a few articles online for specific things I wanted to know about. Eager to see how this will go!

    1. I've got the one for January, now I just need a free day on the blog to post a review! You spoil me with your great comments, Olivia-Savannah!