Monday, July 6, 2015

Book Review: Murder on the Bucket List by Elizabeth Perona

The septuagenarian women of the Summer Ridge Bridge Club have gathered in secret late one July night to check skinny dipping off their bucket list. But as Francine observes, the jittery members seem more obsessed with body issues and elaborate preparations than actually stripping down and getting in the pool. A pungent smell emanating from the pool shed provides a perfect distraction. When a dead body flops out, it’s an answered prayer for Charlotte, since the first item on her list is to solve a murder.

Unfortunately for Charlotte and Francine, before they can discover who really killed the man, they must negotiate neighborhood tours of the crime scene, press coverage of their skinny dipping, an angry Homeowner’s Association, a disastrous appearance on Good Morning America, media offers sought by a hungry publicist, and a clever killer.



Huzzah for Perona/Dembrosky featuring main characters in their wonderful book that are "of a certain age" - read that as having long since given up on pulling gray hairs out of their heads.  (You know you did on your first couple too!)  I wonder how they came up with that idea - because if you look at their picture, they don't look like even their ages taken together they would add up to the youngest of the ladies.

But of course, you have to be of a certain age before you really make a point of crossing things off your bucket list.  When you are younger, death seems like a non- (or far away) issue - as in, "I'll have plenty of time to get that done."

So, one of the ladies has 'skinny-dipping' on her bucket list.  And what do friends do?  Offer to go along with her, of course, to minimize the nervousness factor.  Ok, only one of the friends is actually in the pool 'au naturel', before another finds the dead body in the pool shed.  

Enter police.  Enter looky-lous.  Enter new helicopters.  Exit the news of skinny-dipping grandmas to the far corners of the earth.

Murder on the Bucket List is abso-looky-lou-tely hilarious. And I love the way the racing side story is woven into the main plot.

Buy it.  Read it.  Love it.  Wish your grandma was like one of the ladies of the Summer Ridge Bridge Club.  (Neither of mine were, unfortunately, but my husband's paternal grandmother was a pistol, so I'm counting her!)



Elizabeth Perona is the father/daughter writing team of Tony Perona and Liz Dombrosky. Tony is the author of the Nick Bertetto mystery series, the standalone thriller The Final Mayan Prophecy (with Paul Skorich), and co-editor and contributor to the anthologies Racing Can Be Murder and Hoosier Hoops & Hijinks. Tony is a member of Mystery Writers of America and has served the organization as a member of the Board of Directors and as Treasurer. He is also a member of Sisters-in-Crime.

Liz Dombrosky graduated from Ball State University in the Honors College with a degree in teaching. She is currently a stay-at-home mom. Murder on the Bucket List is her first novel.


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