Friday, October 3, 2014

54 Buckets

Today is my birthday.  By one year from today, I want to have accomplished the following things that are or could possibly be on my Bucket List one day:

1.  Publish at least one fiction book.
2.  Publish at least one non-fiction book.
3.  Plant a big enough garden to have one home-grown item every day for a year.
4.  Attend a blog conference.
5.  Open an Etsy shop.

6.  Have a booth at one of the many nearby festivals.
7.  Participate in a live theatre performance. (acting or writing).
8.  Be an Independent Director for Mary Kay.
9.  Find homes for the puppies.
10.  Finish remodeling/decorating the living room.

11.  Host an outdoor barbecue for friends and family.
12.  Raise chickens.
13.  Find homes for the kittens.
14.  Learn basic car maintenance.
15.  Make a bookcase and decorate it with wood carving and burning.

16.  Print an article in the local paper.
17.  Have a column in the local paper.
18.  Participate in karaoke again.  (I do a killer BTO.)
19.  Restore Mamaw's old desk.
20.  Attend a writing workshop.

21.  Design a card for each book I review.
22.  Get one guest post per month.
23.  Do one guest post per month.
24.  Quit smoking.
25.  Attend church regularly.

26.  Read the Bible through.
27.  Read the text of a different religion.
28.  Work up to a 1/2 hour walk each day.
29.  Have a head shot taken for business/blog etc.
30.  Start and build our food storage.

31.  Start and build our emergency preparedness supplies.
32.  Fix the table and get enough chairs so that we can have meals together as a famly.
33.  Document family history back to ancestor who fought in the American Revolution.
34.  Decorate the four posts that support the patio roof.
35.  Plan a trip to Scotland.

36.  Not have to drive straight through on our trips to Texas.
37.  Get a piano in the house.
38.  Beef up area recycling.
39.  Help with a local benefit/fundraiser.
40.  Get a roto-tiller.

41.  Get a grain mill.
42.  Gather and sell the walnuts from our yard.
43.  Get my mess @ SCC cleared up.
44.  Try one new recipe each month.
45.  Attend a UK Wildcats basketball game.

46.  Convert old dresser into a bookshelf.
47.  Have each child plan, shop, prepare and clean up one meal per week.
48.  Make a quilt.
49.  Gather family stories.
50.  Get/make a garden window for the kitchen.

51.  Have an herb garden.
52.  Make/get a potting bench.
53.  Learn how to spin (towards making cloth).
54.  Make polymer clay beads/art weekly using different techniques.


  1. That's a lot of things to do in one year! I really hope you can work your way up to doing them. I am part of the challenge 101 things in 1001 days, and it works much like this. I hope we both achieve them!

    And have a very happy birthday!

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    1. Looks like we both like big challenges, Olivia-Savannah! Here's to us! :O)

  2. Happy birthday, LuAnn! Here's wishing you success in accomplishing your list! Lots of fun items on it. I have a growing list too - I turned 51 last week.


    1. I'm sorry I missed your birthday, Vidya! I hope you had a superb day! May the future hold much success for you! :O)

  3. I've read the bible every morning for the past 14 years... I think I've completed it 8 or 9 times. :-)
    Happy birthday! I hope you get spoiled rotten!

    1. Wow, Freda, good for you on the reading! And yes, I was (spoiled rotten) yesterday. Thanks! :O)