Tuesday, September 30, 2014

BOOK TOUR: Montreal by Debra Schoenberger


Category: Adult non-fiction, 64 pages
Genre: art / photography
Publisher: Blurb
Published: August 24, 2014
Content Rating: G

Montreal as seen through the eyes of a street photographer. These unusual images show Montreal and Montrealers from an entirely different perspective.



On my blog here, since the beginning of 2014, I have done quite a number of book reviews and tours.  But I'd never participated in a tour for a book of someone's photography.  And I wanted to make sure I had a handle on what exactly "street photography".  As it turns out, my inkling was essentially correct.

According to the site "Street Photographers", photographers in this genre "capture un-posed moments, interpreting life around them and challenging our perceptions of the world".  I like that it includes 'regular people'.  If you look at newspapers and popular magazines, the majority of photos are of celebrities, politicians and the like.  But as most of the living and dying that goes on in the world is done by us 'regular people', it's nice to see someone celebrating that ... in this case, through photography.

There are also several amazing pictures of scenery and architecture in Montreal.  I've been farther east and farther west than that in Canada, but have yet to visit that fine city.

I wish I could plaster a bunch of Ms. Shoenberger's photographs on the blog so you could see how wonderful real, regular life is.  But I cannot cross that line of showing her work without her permission.  It is not right, and it could seriously mess up my real, regular life.

My recommendation would be to get this book in either the hard or softcover editions.  Unless you have a larger monitor than I have on my little laptop.  That, and it'll look fabulous on your coffee or end table.  I'd like to get a copy for my daughter (who is 11 years old), who comes out to the patio every evening and wants to use my tablet to take a picture of the sunset.



"My dad always carried a camera under the seat of his car and was constantly taking pictures. I think that his example, together with pouring over National Geographic magazines as a child fuelled my curiosity for the world around me.

Although I worked in the field of photography for over 20 years, it wasn't until very recently in 2010 that I bought myself a secondhand professional camera and started experimenting with street photography. I shot over 50,000 images that first year and gradually began to improve.

Photographers I admire are Vivian Maier, Robert Frank, Steve McCurry and Edward Steichen to name but a few amongst the many incredibly talented people over the last century.

Street photography is my true passion. Having a slightly off-kilter sense of humour helps keep me looking for the unusual."

Street photographer, Debra Schoenberger aka "girl with camera" captures the more unusual side of Montreal in her foot travels around the city. The images portrayed in the book are from 2010 to 2014

View more photos from her world travels on her profile page at Your Shot National Geographic.


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(Disclosure:  I received an e-copy of Montreal from the author and publisher via iRead Book Tours, in exchange for my unbiased opinion.)

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