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BOOK REVIEW: Granny Skewers a Scoundrel by Julie Seedorf


Granny has a new addition to her arsenal of crime fighting weapons as Fuchsia, Minnesota’s most colorful detective. Now, along with her famous crook-hooking umbrella, she’s acquired a scoundrel-skewering knitting needle. And just in time! Residents of Fuchsia seem to be dropping dead like flies! First, it’s Granny’s neighbor Sally (who gives up the ghost in her weed-filled front yard), followed by Esmeralda Periwinkle (the squirrel lover on Main Street), and then, Mr. Nail, owner of the local hardware store (who is squashed when dozens of bags of fertilizer fall on top of him). Granny is baffled. Who is behind this murder spree?

Granny enlists the help of her sort of boyfriend Franklin Gatsby, the town’s police chief Cornelius Stricknine (or “The Big Guy”), her reality-show loving neighbor Mavis, and her own son Thor. And, of course, the special assistance of her menagerie of pets — including Mr. Bleaty, the goat. Soon Granny is hot on the trail of this dastardly murderer. Unfortunately, when Granny herself is poisoned, everyone insists that she cool her crime solving ways and stay indoors and out of harms way. Of course, that’s never going to happen! Not when Granny knows all the secret passageways and tunnels that run underneath Fuchsia. Out she goes–and watch out, you evil doers! Granny will solve this mystery–you can bet your pink undies, she will!



I love Granny!  (Do you think she'll adopt me?)

Like most cozy heroines, Granny just seems to attract trouble.  Maybe she lived a quieter, younger life, though, and now has to squeeze all that crazy into the years she has left.  Last evening she foiled kidnappers and burglars, with the help of her menagerie.  This morning, she goes (in nightgown) to check on her neighbor, whose grass has grown too high.  (But with a name like Hermiony Vidalia Criony, you just know she was not going to have a quiet life anyway.)

She doesn't take guff from the local law boys either, telling them to their faces that she helps them keep their little town of Fuchsia, Minnesota, safe.  And Granny is just one of the colorful characters in this most colorful of towns.  I was laughing out loud just reading the names:  Chief Stricknine, Mr. Bleaty (a goat), Mrs. Periwinkle and their brother and sister citizens and furry denizens.  (If the board game "Clue" is looking to franchise, they should check into Fuchsia.  Seriously.  "So-and-so" in the garden with the (insert miscellaneous weapon).  Priceless.)

I don't do spoilers.  If you've been here before, you know that.  In this case it would be a crime to tell you how everything turns out.  Far be it from me to deny anyone the pleasure of reading how "Granny Skewers a Scoundrel".



Julie grew up in a small Minnesota community. She knows the value of neighbors looking out for neighbors.

Julie has worn many hats during her lifetime. She has been a waitress, barmaid, activities assistant, store clerk, office manager and for the last 14 years has worked in computer repair, and finally owning her own computer repair business. In January 2014 she closed her computer business to write full time.

Her most important career in her estimation has been wife, mother and grandmother. Nothing could equal the gift of nurturing and watching her children and grandchildren grow.

Julie is also a columnist for the Albert Lea Tribune. Her column “Something About Nothing” brings a little fluff to an unfluffy world. She believes there is always something underlying in the nothings we talk about. In 2011 she self-published “Whatchamacallit? Thingamajig?. It is a book about grandmothers and grandchildren. It was a collaboration between her grandchildren and Julie. Along with a glossary and lots of weird words, it is a mystery that reveals to the characters grandchildren who Grandma used to be.

In 2013 Julie signed a contract with Cozy Cat Press for the publication of her Cozy Mystery “Granny Hooks A Crook.” It fulfilled one item on Julie’s bucket list. Granny lives in the fictional town of Fuchsia, Minnesota. The Fuchsia, Minnesota books are a series. Granny Skewers A Scoundrel, book two in the series was released in March 2014. The Fuchsia books are unusual cozies with a little satire about small communities and an over the top Granny that gives a new meaning to old.  Julie also writes free lance for the Courier Sentinel and the Albert Lea Tribune. She also is designing a line of shirts, cups and other material to complement her books.

Never quit dreaming is Julie’s motto. Dreams are the gateway to fun, fantasy and the future.


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(Disclosure:  I received an e-copy of "Granny Skewers a Scoundrel" from the author and publisher via Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion.)


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  1. I love a good cozy mystery, and this one looks like it would make for a fun afternoon's reading! Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday! Hope to see you again this week!

    1. You would have a happy afternoon readying this book, Tina. And I plan to be back! :O)