Saturday, May 17, 2014

Friday 56: Hypocrisy by D. M. Annechino

This is my first foray into the world of the Friday 56.  (I have a thing about alliteration; can you tell?) :O)  Anyway, I was over at Yvonne's blog "Socrates Book Reviews", caught her post and thought it sounded fun, so here I am.

So, you are supposed to go to page 56 of a book (or 56% if you are on an e-reader) and post a sentence that tells something about the book, but hopefully doesn't contain any spoilers.

My book choice for today is "Hypocrisy" by D. M. Annechino.  I received an print ARC of this book from the author and publisher through iReadBookTours, and a review will be posted on my blog this coming Tuesday (May 20th).

Quote:  "And the next thing I know, two security guards escorted me to my office, watched me pack my personal belongings, and then escorted me to the front door."

Here's a bit of information about the book:

In Daniel M. Annechino's fourth novel, Hypocrisy, readers are taken on a thrill ride where the ongoing controversy over cancer research and the real possibility of finding a cure may not be the ultimate goal of certain high-level and powerful people in the medical community.

You're all invited back Tuesday to get the whole Back Porch report on D. M. Annechino's "Hypocrisy".  Have a great weekend!


  1. Glad you joined The Friday 56. It's fun. This book sounds like an interesting one.

    1. It looked fun and simple...and a great way to get to know about MORE BOOKS! :O)

  2. Thanks for joining in, I hope to see you weekly! The 56 starts on Friday, though I generally get the post up Thursday night, and is open until next Thursday. Then you have lots of time to participate if you are busy.

    Haven't heard of 'Hypocrisy' before, but the title alone intrigues me.
    Based on the 56, sounds like he got fired. Why, I wonder?!

    Happy weekend!

  3. She actually, Freda, although from my quote you could not tell. There are 3 choices: creative differences with the boss, being courted by a major competitor, or putting in overtime with the boss's boyfriend.