Friday, September 23, 2011

52 Home Organization Projects

I've been reading Laura's "I'm an Organizing Junkie" blog for a while now, in part because my own organizing desires are lightyears ahead of my organizing skills. Ugh. A link from her post today lead me to this umbrella project:

So, without further ado, here is my list:

1. my computer desk
2. DH's computer table
3. couch area in living room
4. outer wall in living room
5. inner wall in living room
6. refrigerator
7. over the counter kitchen cabinets
8. under the counter kitchen cabinets
9. kitchen table
10. laundry area
11. linen closet
12. medicine cabinets
13. sink area in bathroom
14. shower area in bathroom
15. hallway
16. closet in boys' room
17. bed area in boys' room
18. couch area in boys' room
19. media area in boys' room
20. bed area in girl's room
21. dresser in girl's room
22. media area in girl's room
23. closet in my bedroom
24. bed area in my bedroom
25. media area in my bedroom
26. back porch
27. front porch
28. menu plans
29. family budget
30. childrens' budgets
31. chore charts
32. review/revamp homeschooling plans
33. extended family birthday (etc) calender
34. family volunteer projects
35. individual volunteer projects
36. time schedule for my business
37. time schedule for my blogging
38. time schedule for my Facebook addiction.
39. recording family history
40. me time
41. garden plan for 2012
42. pest-proofing the home
43. quality time with DH.
44. quality time with DS1.
45. quality time with DS2.
46. quality time with DD.
47. learn a new skill
48. community project
49. family recycling plan.
50. family vacation plan.
51. community activism plan.
52. kitchen counters.

I reserve the right to modify the above list as necessary. :O)

This is also my entry for this weeks Friendly Friday Blog Hop:

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  1. I think the list of things that I need to organize might be too big :) My problem is that I organize something and then my husband or one of my two boys goes and messes everything up again. By that point I'm too tired to want to re-organize :)

  2. I so hear you on that one. One day one of the kids was opening something and dropped the wrapper on the floor where he stood. I was flabbergasted and asked "What have I done to make you think that was in any way acceptable"? (espcially w/the garbage not 5 feet away. *sheesh* Stay strong! :O)

  3. followed your blog. well I have a list that long too. not sure if I will ever get through them.

  4. Thanks for the visit, comment and follow, SS. I understand the feeling of being overwhelmed by domesticity ... I think I was absent the day they passed out those skills! But I figure any little bit I accomplish puts me ahead of where I am now. :O)