Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Business ...

It's been a long...long dry spell for me. In the ensuing months, my mother passed away. We also purchased a Suburban. After folding our teenage boys into the back of a Ford Fiesta for years, it's nice to finally have a vehicle with four doors and enough room for the family and groceries.

Two things have brought me back at this time:

1. The Homeschool Lounges' Summer Daze Giveaway (see the button in the sidebar)


2. The 'Wantobe Quilter Campaign" at Stash Manicure (see the other button in the sidebar).

Both are causes and practices close to my heart, and practitioners can always use encouragement and community...as can bloggers, eh? :O)

We have homeschooled our boys for about 5 years, after more than one glaring "issues" in school districts in two states. Our daughter has always been homeschooled. I make no judgment on any parents' educational choices for their children, but homeschooling is the right choice for us.

In Job's Daughters, I regularly assisted in the tying of a quilt twice a year for the outgoing top officer, but I have never pieced and quilted with a needle...and I really want to get to it.

So check out the links, tell your friends ... and share the adventure!

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