Saturday, November 20, 2010

List of 100 Ways to Give - Part II

11. Organize and give a (musical) performance at a rest home.

My mother was in the Swiss Chorus Edelweiss in Salt Lake for some time and they used to do this sort of thing a lot. Not musically inclined? I bet you know someone who is!

And why stop there? You could read to someone who is visually impaired, offer a craft class. I could go on and on (trust me on that one!)

12. Go Christmas caroling at a hospital.

I used to do this every year with my Job's Daughters group. My favorites were "Be Kind to Your Parents" and "The Twelve Days After Christmas".

13. Thank a soldier for their service to the country.

See someone in uniform? Go up, extend your hand and say "thanks".

14. Thank a veteran for their service to the country.

My MIL's husband is a Viet Nam veteran. He lost both legs and one arm in the war, helping to save some of his buddies. He came back, earned two Ph.D degrees and worked until his retirement helping other veterans who had become disabled in the service.

15. Thank a soldier or veteran's family for their service to the country.

My husband took the kids to see his mother a couple of years ago and I had to stay behind to work. I missed them terribly, so much so that I got a little tattoo with their initials and birthstone colors inside of hearts. This is so small compared to the sacrifices made by the families of soldiers and veterans, sending their loved ones for the good of their neighbors and friends and families. Invite them over for dinner. Take them a meal. Join an organization that is already formed.

16. Buy an extra school supply to donate to the school's family resource center.

Especially during back to school season, you can usually find real bargains on school supplies. Buy an extra pack of paper, set of pencils or whatever and donate them to your school's family resource center. Now, when we lived in Texas, I had never heard of such a thing, but we've run across several here in Kentucky. One local church has a school-supply giveaway each year that even welcomes homeschoolers!

17. Weed a neighbor's garden.

Yeah, I know, I hate weeding too. But it feels good when it's done. Imagine the smile you can create on the face of someone who may not have the time (say, a single parent) or the ability (for example, an older neighbor or someone who has been injured) when they see their yard or garden without weeds!

18. Plant and maintain a garden for an elderly acquaintance.

If you have the time and the help, you could even "adopt" their garden. Everyone needs healthy fruits and vegetables!

19. Teach a gardening class at church or community center.

Have a green thumb? Pass along your knowledge to others. It fits so well with the "give a man a fish" idea. Now, lest WAHs think I'm saying they shouldn't charge for their time and talent...far from it! I'm just saying that everyone has received help in life and paying it back (or forward) every now and again allows that charity energy to keep going.

20. Watch kid(s) for a neighbor in a pinch.

Almost a no-brainer here. Do you know someone who needs to go shopping without curious eyes in tow? Or maybe they just need some "quiet" time getting groceries or running other errands. This doesn't mean becoming the neighborhood's no-charge babysitter. Let your own situation dictate whether or not you accept any payment offered. All options, if honest, are honorable.

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