Monday, May 3, 2010

Mamavation Monday - 3 May, 2010

For those in the Mamavation Nation who don't know me...which is, oh, just about everyone *lol* are the basics:

I have been overweight since shortly after puberty. My father passed away when he was 47, (I was a senior in high school) from a stroke and heart trouble. I am roughly the same age as my father when he passed, but my children are 13 (DS1), 11 (DS2) and 7 (DD). I want to be around for a while - a task made more difficult by my high blood pressure. I had a mini-stroke last August, going to the ER with bp of 212/120. For 4 years, I have taken care of adults with mental retardation and developmental disabilities. Three years ago I started smoking (yeah, I know), in part due to the stress of the job. Right now I'm on medical leave due to being hit by a resident while trying to prevent her from injuring herself.

My nutrition and fitness habits have dwindled over the years to next to nothing, and I want to change that. After all, one day I want to spoil my grandkids the way my mother and DH's folks spoil my kids now. :O)

So, what I need to do:

1. Stop smoking.
2. Improve my nutrition.
3. Improve my physical fitness.

For the next week, I will:
1. Keep a log of my smoking.
2. Keep a log of my eating and drinking.
3. Keep a log of my physical fitness activities.
4. Review my logs on Monday morning, 10 May 2010 (the day before is both Mother's Day and DH's and my wedding anniversary) and determine "umbrella" goals, as well as goals for the following week.

Mostly I can use accountability partner(s). I am much more likely to make that extra effort to skip a smoke, or to drink that extra glass of water, when I know I'm going to be telling someone else!

How could I support other people in their 'walks' (no pun intended)? I'm a good listener and sounding board, whether someone needs to vent, brainstorm or chat.

I've heard it said that when you have a friend, your joys are doubled and your troubles are cut in half. I want to get that from, and be that for, other goal-oriented Mamas.


  1. I think you have some wonderful goals, and I know that is one of the most important steps in being successful. I know you can do it! Let me know if there is anything I can do to support you!

  2. Here is my blog address and if you use Twitter, my ID:

  3. OH hugs girl! Great goals, and I think you're on the right track!

    WE're here for you! You can do this!


  4. You are not alone in quitting smoking!!! I'm attempting to myself!

    @MMScarlett is my twitter ID

    Best wishes for the week!!! Can't wait to hear more from you

  5. Great goals! Let us know how we can help support you and motivate you to put that cigarette down and a water bottle in your hand! ;)


  6. Hi and welcome to posting. I can see why you need to establish your baseline of where you are. Give yourself another goal besides just tracking though. A basic one many people start out with is water intake. Hydration no matter where you are in your process will help. Go for at least 64 oz.

  7. I'll be an accountability buddy for water if you still need one.

    If you need someone to talk to you can reach me:


    Hugs to you! Hope yo uhave a great week.

  8. Both me and @MMScarlett are working on quitting smoking, and I'm from Kentucky as we have a lot in common! Good luck on your journey and don't be afraid to contact me @CJinKY if you ever need support or motivation