Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Elvis is going bald - and other porchervations

I spent some time with my daughter on the back porch today. Unfortunately, she has inherited her father's sense of style...she was wearing a pink, white and black plaid skirt and a long-flowy sleeved leopard print blouse. (I may be a tee shirt and jeans gal myself, but I know there is something wrong with that! *lol*)

Anyway, DD was flying a paper airplane off the back porch. The first model (pointy-nosed) did not work very well and she was getting a little frustrated. So I suggested she go in and have her father make her up a new one. She came back out a few minutes later with a snub-nosed model which caught the breezes a lot better. She's still carrying it around, even now that we're inside.

Now, what about Elvis and how do I know he's going bald? Didn't he pass some years ago, or, if you believe MIB, he just went home. *lol*

During the summer of 2007, I named several of the trees in our back yard. There is "Tootsie Pop", so named because a small clump of trees looks like one of those bouquets of Tootsie Pops banded together at the store. And then there is Elvis. He is made up of two trees. Due to their shape and placement relative to each other, they make that Elvis pompadour with the leaves. And right now, the leaves are falling. Hence, Elvis is going bald.

I'm kind of dreading going to work today. Apparently some "you know what" took place over the weekend, while I had the weekend off. (Thank goodness for small favors!) The "Senior Residential Associate" in my home (by title, not by age or length of service) reported another staff for abuse of a resident. Said resident was in the kitchen area (where he is not supposed to be w/o supervision) and was getting a little...rowdy. A male staff (from that side of the home) 'escorted' the resident back out of the kitchen. The SRA said she saw him holding the resident in a 'half-chicken-wing', and the staff was pulled off the floor.

If that were the case, I would agree that he needed to be pulled off the floor. However, the SRA has interviewed for Shift Supervisor in the home. Some people that were there are of the feeling that the allegations are false and/or that she submitted a falsified witness statement, which would be reprehensible. I don't see the accused staff abusing a client...but then I can't see the SRA making false statements either.

Word is that the decision on who gets the Shift Supervisor job is delayed now until the investigation is over. Could she have made the accusation to show that she would not be hesitant to turn someone in for wrong-doing? I suppose it's possible, although I really do not want to believe that.

I swear, sometimes they could make a soap opera out of the goings-on down there! :/

Oh, and I'm starting a meme next week on my "meme blog", Bluegrassgal, called "Music Mondays". Be sure to check back then!


  1. Oh no, poor Elvis! I'm sure his hair will grow back come Spring. :-)


  2. I was worried there for a minute about Elvis. I thought maybe he was hiding out your way.lol...
    Maybe you could just write a book on the soap opera.
    Thanks for your visit and comment.
    have a great weekend.

  3. I think it's so cute naming the trees. Enjoyed your blog. You had left a comment about me not looking old enough to have an 18 yr old. Everyone says that to me. Actually I'm 37..lol. Older than I look. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
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  4. Cute to name your trees;) We have over 60,000 trees in our farm. I think it would take awhile before I could name them all.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog:)

  5. I call my interesting dresser rainbow bright. If children can deal with other talking about their outfit, then it is OK. However if they can't, wear ONE solid. LOL

  6. What a wonderful idea to name your trees! I love mine and am going to name mine too. Sorry about work.

  7. Hey, KentuckyGal! I just saw you on Lin's blog.

    Love your blog, especially the name!

  8. Hey, Sweetie! LOVE your blog and web page! Poor Elvis-I'm always saddened each fall when the trees go bare, often all at once. As for the to-do at your workplace, my sister also works at an adult care facility and is often frustrated by the "office politics". Hang in there! (Now off to check out your meme blog!)

  9. I hope all is cooling down at work, and that Elvis gets his goods back come the spring! Thanks for the comment...