Thursday, August 28, 2008

Passing Along "Wisdom" to the Next Generation

My daughter, "T" (age 5), is a frequent visitor to my back porch. She is hungry for knowledge and rarely even slows the rate of her questioning the how's and why's of ... just about everything. Here are some things she has learned recently:

1. That pink umbrellas keep things off your head, like sunshine, rain, snow, leaves, bird poop, etc.

2. That trains heading south are going to Somerset and those going north are going to Stanford and that they most likely are doing that because they have to bring "stuff" to Walmart.

3. That they painted our car red to distinguish it from all the other Ford Escorts in the world.

4. That bubbles are classified by size ("wee, not-so-wee and frickin' HUGE") and shape - "snowmen" are two bubbles of different size stuck together.

5. That babies (herself included) are gifts from God.


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  2. Sounds like your daughter is off to a great start! Thanks for stopping by my bog. I responded to your comment there.

  3. my son is also in the age of questioning. he asks a lot just like your baby girl.

    by the way, thanks for the visit and the comment. i really do appreciate it. hope to see you around. happy holiday there too!

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  5. Thanks for coming by my blog :). So sweet, our oldest is 5, she is deeply into learning that babies are blessings!


  6. Your daugther is very wise. I love the honesty that comes from children.

  7. Everything revolves around WalMart I think. :)