Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Need a Heater for the Porch

I needed a heater or like greenhouse enclosure for the back porch. It was so freakin' cold out there today that I could hardly stand to be out there long enough for Shiva to "take care of business"! I read from a friend that the temp was like 15 with a wind chill of -5. I nearly got frostbite about 15 years ago delivering pizza during a blizzard and my fingers do NOT react well to cold.

I'm at the end of two glorious days off from work. My resolutions are going "above average" - but then I purposely made them vague enough so that if I didn't do something every day it wouldn't be a disaster, either.

It's hard to think with a 4-year old perched on your left leg, hanging onto your left arm at 11:39 pm. (She had a nap earlier and is raring to go now. UGH.)

Are any of you familiar with the "Chocolatier" and "Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients" games? They are probably my current game addiction. For some reason my version of "2" gets stuck in the Sahara (if you have it, that'll make sense). I've still got half the world to discover on there.

DH is in the background in the kitchen eating a sandwich. Didn't ask if anyone else wanted one. Grrr....

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