Friday, December 21, 2007

Bad Dog, Good Dog

A couple of nights ago, I went outside late to smoke. When I opened the back door, our cat SHOT in from the porch. After a few moments I heard this low growl, and thought maybe Mr. Snugglebutt (so named by my eldest son - I TOLD him the other neighborhood kitties would laugh) had had a gentleman's disagreement with the Dobie pup across the road. Anyway, after a while, the growling stopped.

The next night, there was a repeat of the smoking, streaking cat and low growl ... except it was nearly constant and lasted quite a bit longer. I started taking stock of what I could use as a defensive weapon should the pup run up on the porch.

My bedroom window is about 15-20 feet from the back porch. What significance is that? Well, I had apparently blamed the poor pup from across the road for something he hadn't done. The guilty, growling party was none other than my husband - snoring.

Bad, BAD doggie!

One of my co-workers asked the other day if we wanted a puppy - you know, for Christmas for the kids, she said. Apparently her 14 year old grand-daughter had come across a l'il cutie. Upon her requesting permission from grandma to bring the little'un home, my co-worker asked if it was a Chihuahua. She could only bring the puppy home if it was a Chihuahua. When the girl enquired the owner, he assured her it was a "full-blooded Chihuahua".

Upon return home, it was definitely NOT a full-blood, or in my co-worker's words..."I have more Chihuahua than that puppy!" I asked DH about it and he asked about getting a look and the pup. My co-worker took some pics of the pup with her digital camera ... even going so far as to pose the puppy. She is, of course, ADORABLE.

So, we are about to get a new family member.


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