Tuesday, September 25, 2007

North America vs. the Rainforest in My Backyard

I was just out on my back porch and noticed a distinct difference from a couple of nights ago. Then, it was overcast and misty and in the morning. You could smell the water in the air. It was a like a rainforest. The trees in our back yard are tall and create a canopy that doesn't allow light in, so if I REALLY s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d my imagination, I could believe it was a rainforest and that the crickets and tree frogs were monkeys. (OK, I did say stretch.)

Just now it was different. It is cool and crisp, a true autumn early morning (before the sun is up). So the yard is more like a North American forest. But the moon is full, or nearly so. You can drive down our little country road on nights like tonight without headlights and have no trouble. I can't even see any stars because the moon is so bright. It was so quiet ... not even a train going by across the street.


Monday was a day of noise - the 'noise' of work running through my head from the night before, the noise of the children going through the grocery store ("Can we get, can I have, look at this great deal Mom!"), the noise of the car on our too-long trip, so a little time alone on the back porch ... just me, nature and our quiet cat was pretty close to Heaven to me.

In a few hours the noise starts again, so for now I will revel in stillness.

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  1. Quite the observations KG, and so true. I find that I will often mental-morph my surroundings into a tranquil beach somewhere on the white sand as the sea breeze soothes me, and then *BONK.* I wake up to Monkey hitting me on the head :D