Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Little Mad Scientist in the Making

My oldest's kindergarten teacher first suggested he had ADD. He's been on several different meds at several different times. He's had classroom modifications to help him focus and learn - some of these have helped and some have made things worse.

But it must have worked somehow. In the 5 year old class at Head Start, they took each child aside and showed them a picture of an aquarium with about 20 different types of sea animals. Then a helper asked the child to describe the picture and wrote down everything the student said on the back of one of the pictures. My son was the only one in the class that knew the word "aquarium" and correctly identified each of the animals!

Ok, ok, so he did call the "electric eel" a "shock fish". :)


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  1. Well, it is a shock fish, I think he's brilliant.
    Take care,

  2. Hope things go well with your son. Maybe he'll become a well-known biologist and rename everything according to its function. Much better than the incomprehensible Latin names.

  3. "Shock fish"??

    Trust me on this. HE'S FINE. Don't let them change him. He's perfect right now!

  4. Now someone needs to take the teacher aside ... how come it is never them?? Your boy is delightful, don't let them mess with his head ... or yours!