Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Last Place We Stayed

On December 3rd (or 4th), my family were on the way back to Kentucky from visiting MIL in Haslet, TX. We had spent Thanksgiving and DS1's 14th birthday there. We were in the middle of our 900 mile trip and even though FIL (here in Kentucky) had lent us his passenger van, we needed to stop for the night rather than try to push on through.

Our buddy Tom left the light on for us at the Motel 6 in Jackson, TN. It's really a great deal for a family. The price was reasonable; if I remember correctly, we paid under $50 for all 5 of us. And, they did not charge extra for Sneakers, our dog. The staff was professional, yet 'down home'...just like us.

Other than that, there's not really a lot to say...but I would stay there again, and I would recommend it to friends and family.


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    Thanks for the tip about being in Orlando for 2 weeks and not seeing anything. For so long we have done just the World, but since the kids (or 1 kids) is older i am thinking that we should just break out a bit :o)

    Wow what an excellent price for the room you guys got on your trip. $50 is unheard of anywhere. :o)

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    That's a great price for a hotel room. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Now I am wondering where Haslet is : ) Thank you so much for helping me work towards my goal!! I really appreciate it! Looking forward to your post!

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