Thursday, December 20, 2018

2019 Pop Sugar RC Sign-up

Yeah, I know it's nearly impossible to read, but the button above is linked to the Pop  Sugar site and has all the details.  I highly suggest joining the  Pop Sugar group on GoodReads.

1.  A book becoming a movie in 2019.
2.  A book that makes you nostalgic
3.  A book written by a musician
4.  A book you think should be turned into a movie.
5.  A book with at least 1 million ratings on GoodReads.

6.  A book with a plant on the cover or in the title.
Murder Served Hot by Nancy Skopin

7.  A reread of a favorite book
The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck

8.  A book about a hobby.
9.  A book you meant to read in 2018
10.  A book with 'pop', 'sugar' or 'challenge' in the title.

11.  A book with an item of clothing or accessory on the cover.
Stilettos & Scoundrels by Laina Turner

12.  A book inspired by mythology, legend or folklore
Tajael by Alisa Wood

13.  A book published posthumously
Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee

14.  A book you see someone reading on tv or in a movie
15.  A retelling of a classic

16.  A book with a question in the title
Who Murdered Uncle Ebeneezer? by Sarah Faith Nightingale (super short, so will pick another)

17.  A book set on a college or university campus.
18.  A book about someone with a superpower.

19.  A book told from multiple POAs
Tidal Magic by Janelle Peel

20.  A book set in outer space.
The Heaviness of Knowing by Sharolyn G. Brown

21.  A book by two female authors.
Must. Have. Wine. by Katrina Epp and Leah Speer

22.  A book with a title that includes 'salty', 'sweet', 'bitter' or 'spicy'
Oh, Sweet Poison by Nurit Reichman

23.  A book set in Scandinavia
God's Hammer by Eric Schumacher

24.  A book that takes place in a single day.
25.  A debut novel

26.  A book that's published in 2019
Best Self: Be You, Only Better by Mike Bayer (January 1)

27.  A book featuring an extinct or imaginary creature.
28.  A book recommended by a celebrity I admire.

29.  A book with 'love' in the title.
Read, Write, Love at Seaside by Addison Cole

30.  A book featuring an amateur detective

31.  A book about a family
The Governess by Mary Kingswood

32.  A book written by an author from Asia, Africa or South America
33.  A book with a zodiac sign or astrology term in the title.
34.  A book that includes a wedding
35.  A book by an author whose first and last names start with the same letter..

36.. A ghost story
Over My Husband's Dead Body by Etta Faire

37.  A book with a two-word title.
Russian Hill by Ty Hutchinson

38.  A novel based on a true story
39.  A book revolving around a puzzle or a game.
40.  Your favorite prompt from a past Pop Sugar RC

Well that's a start anyway - from a quick troll for books in my Kindle.  The rest will be added later.  Links initially go to GoodReads.  Once I've done the review, the link will go to the post on my blog.

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