Tuesday, August 12, 2014

BES August Challenge - Day 12 - Writing Communities

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Today's Question:  

How has having a website and being involved with an online community (like BE) helped your blog?

Well, right now, 'my blog' and 'my website' are one and the same.  Being involved with several online blogging and writing communities, I can say that my writing has improved in both quality and quantity.  It's nice to have people to share ideas back and forth. Also, when there is a challenge, such as this one, with prompts and everything, it helps me a lot to write everyday.  

Other communities of note in which I am or have been involved include:

Blogging from A to Z Challenge - A group of a couple thousand people pledge, not only to write a post every day in April, but to visit other bloggers on the list and to encourage and provide feedback.  This year was my second year participating in the challenge, and was proud to be a co-host's 'minion'.  I 'met' a LOT of people, and still interact with many of the bloggers from this year's group.

#ISWG (Insecure Writer's Support Group) - Every writer is insecure at some point in the process.  Is it good enough?  Will people like it?  Will it sell?  What about editing?  Finding a publisher?  The first Wednesday of each month, we get together and air our insecurities about our WIP's, and receive encouragement and support from our writer friends!


  1. Community always helps us writers! I've invited you to one on FB today. :)

  2. HUZZAH! :o) Thanks, Corinne. I appreciate it!

  3. Writing groups are such a great way to meet other like minded friends. They also are so helpful in keeping me accountable. I do an online Bible study with Proverbs 31 and when they hold weekly blog hops, it makes me at least get out 1 post a week. Sadly, on my own, some weeks I just skip all together. As you said, having prompts is quite helpful. It's hard to choose which groups to commit to. There are so many fantastic ones out there!

    1. There are indeed, Candace. All to frequently, I find myself over-committed. :/ But we do what we can.