Monday, June 2, 2014

June Be Society Challenge and Monday What Are You Reading

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Today's topic is "20 Random Things About Me"

1.  My mother was born in Switzerland.  My father was born in West Virginia.  I guess that makes me an alpine hillbilly.

2.  I thought if I didn't find "the one" with whom to have children by the time I was 35, I would investigate artificial insemination.  I found out I was pregnant about 4 months before my 35th birthday.

3.  I had my first child when I was 35.

4.  I had my second child when I was 36.

5.  I had my third child when I was 41.

6.  My favorite color is purple.

7.  I have been to three popular contemporary music concerts in my life:  The Osmond Brothers (back in the day, y'all), Terence Trent D'Arby and Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers.

8.  Last year, we bought my husband's paternal grandparents' home from his Dad and Uncles.  We are thrilled to be able to keep it in the family.

9.  I once spent 2 weeks in the Orlando area and did not go to Disney World.  (Isn't that just sad?)

10.  I met my FIL (father-in-law) face to face for the first time when he drove from Kentucky to Wheatley, AR, to rescue us after our vehicle died.  (DH and I were already married with 2 children.)

11.  I have a bug bite on my left hand right now that is driving me NUTS!

12.  I recently started my own business as an Independent Mary Kay Consultant!

13.  The first time I studied the Russian language, the class was taught in German.

14.  I was once told I spoke French with a Spanish accent.  (I think I'm culturally confused.)

15.  I once completed a 30K (18 mile) walk-a-thon.  Later than night I went to a BBQ and had to ask people sitting in a hallway to move, because I could not lift my feet to step over them.

16.  When my oldest child was about 6 months old, I broke my arm at a local park (I was alone) and had to drive myself to the hospital.

17.  I LOVE acting on stage!

18.  "To visit Scotland" is one of the things on my bucket list.

19.  I'm working an an Appalachian cozy-mystery series of books.

20.  I am compiling my posts from this year's Blogging From A to Z Challenge into an e-book!


(It's Monday! What are You Reading is a weekly bookish link-up where you can share your reads, reviews, and other book-related shenanigans.  It is hosted by Sheila at Book Journey.)

Most of the books I read in May were ARCs, or Advance Reader Copies.  When you accept an ARC, you make an agreement to post a review.  I just did a monthly wrap-up/sneak peak post yesterday, so I'm going to do this post a little differently.

One of the books I reviewed last month was:

On the actual release day, I 'attended' an FB party at their event page and won print copies of Lethal Lily and:

With a couple days' break in reviews, yesterday I decided to start reading this book 'just for fun', which hasn't happened in quite a while.  I finished "A Thyme to Die" around noon today and enjoyed it immensely.

Which leads me to a new bookish goal ... to read the rest of the Peggy lee Garden Mystery series.  In their correct order would be nice, but I'll read them however I can. :O)  So far, I have been going in reverse order, which is more than a little odd at times, but Peggy, her 2nd husband Steve, Peggy's son Paul and his wife Mai are such regular folks that reading about them ... in any order ... is a wonderful experience.


I'm also sharing at one of my favorite link-ups on the planet:


  1. Come to Scotland! I am just biased as I live here, but it is a beautiful country to visit :)
    Thanks for joing in with the the BE challenge :)

    1. Thanks for the visit, Fee! I recently started a five-year plan for goals and such, and I think I'll have to add 'start a Scotland fund' to it! ;)

  2. Hey Luann! I am so glad you are participating in this :) I am enjoying going by and reading through everyones list of facts because I am truly learning the most interesting things about folks I didn't even know before :) I can't believe you broke your arm and had to drive alone to the hospital! I also feel inspired that you didn't get pregnant until you were almost 35 ... I am hoping that we can get lucky and have a family soon!

    1. Thanks for having the prompts, Nichole. Makes a challenge like this so much more doable:O) Sending you good PK (pregnancy karma)!

  3. Well, you certainly do have some interesting things about you! LOL
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

    1. Thanks so much for visiting Barbara! Next time I'll put out some ice cold sweet tea. :O)