Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Sunshine

These are my children. They are also my sunshine. This picture was taken on the California Coast, about midway between San Jose and San Francisco in December 2006.

Of course, the ocean is a source of 'sunshine' for me as well. I feel very connected to the infinite (read into that what you will) there. The waves come in, wash away the pain in my soul and carry it back out to sea ... where it can dissolve and be recycled into something more productive.


  1. Beautiful!

    I feel the same way about the ocean. It's so calming and healing.

    I love early mornings at the beach. Cool breeze, coffee or tea, and me and my thoughts.

  2. Although I am a Pisces and should love the ocean, I am more drawn to trees, forests and woods. A rushing river or a trickling stream, but not the ocean. But,to each his own! The important thing is for each person to know what works for them.

  3. I meant to say trees, forests and mountains.

  4. Well, Stacie's a Pisces with a love of the woods...I'm a Virgo with a love of the ocean. :) I'm backwards too!

    Count me among those who find contentment near the water. Thanks for sharing that great picture of your kids!

  5. Those are some cute kids!

    I've always been awed, and a little frightened of the raw power of the sea. It's the ultimate equalizer, it doesn't care about money, power, or fame, it spares no one. You have to respect that in a lady.

  6. What a great photo! I love the ocean and its ability to humble us and make us feel fearless all at once.