Friday, July 6, 2018

Murder in the Cards by Paige Sleuth - #review #giveaway

Tiffany Swanson is finally living the dream when she quits her stressful job to become a poker pro. Except her dream job doesn’t turn out to be so perfect when she picks up the troubling vision of a murdered man from one of her opponents. Even more disturbing, Tiffany didn’t know she was telepathic.

Before long she finds herself spending more time investigating a homicide than playing cards. But with an entire wedding party to suspect and only one weekend to pinpoint the guilty party, how will Tiffany ever figure out “whodunit” in time?



There are several things I loved about Murder in the Cards before I even began to read the book.  First, the author uses a pseudonym surname of 'sleuth' - how perfect is that for a mystery?  Secondly, this is the first book in the "Psychic Poker Pro" series, and y'all know how big of a fan of alliteration I am.  Tiffany must be one heck of an ethical person, because for a poker pro to have 'touch telepathy' could constitute an unfair advantage over the other players!  And she has an aunt whose name is 'Tuna'.  (I think I giggled about that for an entire afternoon!)

And I totally understand wanting a career of which one's parents do not approve.  I'm just glad Tiffany had the fortitude to follow her heart sooner than I did. *sigh*  Ok, so I'm a bit wistful, too. 

This "Murder" is a quick, light read.  It doesn't entirely sate a reader's appetite, but certainly is a great appetizer, and preview of upcoming 'courses' in the series.



Paige Sleuth is a pseudonym for mystery author Marla Bradeen. She plots murder during the day and fights for mattress space with her two rescue cats at night. When not attending to her cats’ demands, she writes. She loves to hear from readers and welcomes emails at

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(Disclosure:  I received a copy of this book from the author and publishers via Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours in exchange for my honest review.)

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