Saturday, August 18, 2012

Friendship Friday - My Hometown

When I think of "hometown", I think of the town in which I was born.  More accurately, the wide spot in the road where I was born.  Unfortunately, for the purposes of this post, I remember little about the place, except for that we went through one time when I was a small child and I got to see the house in which I was born.  Maybe I can be forgiven for my lack of memory given the fact that this happened close to 51 years ago.

Today, my home town (or the town in which I find my home) is in a small town in Kentucky.  Although I've spent the majority my life in two "big cities" (one in Utah, the other in Texas), I am truly "at home" here.  So what makes this place unique?

Well, it has one of the few "town squares" left in the US.  There has been talk from the politicos about razing the square to improve traffic patterns, but that would destroy some of the town's character.  And where would they put the town Christmas tree?  On the plaza in front of the brand spanking new "Justice Center"...where driversby cannot even see it??  I think NOT!

Long ago, they co-opted part of a nearby "multi-state highway" for the town's business district.  Within the town limits, they number the traffic lights along this road.  So on the radio, businesses providing their customers directions say, not "between X Street and Highway Y"...but "at light 5" etc.  I had never seen that before living in this area.

Also, the townspeople just recently voted to take the town "wet".  Before that, someone wanting to purchase  liquor had to drive approximately an hour in any direction to get to a liquor store or winery.  There were many, many more "vote no" signs in people's yards.  I only recall seeing two "vote yes" signs, one with just words and one with graphics.  But when the vote came, the "yes" votes outstripped the "no" votes approximately 3 to 1.

When we moved to this town, we checked to see where we would need to inform school districts about homeschooling our children.  The neighbors beside us and across the street both were in the county district, so we dropped off our notification at the county BOE.  We found out within two weeks (via nasty note on our door) that we were the last house in the city district, while everyone around us was county.  Go figure.

Happy creating, y'all!


  1. Well it must feel good to feel like you have a "hometown." I've moved so much in my lifetime, that if I live anywhere for more than 10minutes, I'm looking up a moving truck in the Yellow pages.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Sandra. And you're more than welcome to "borrow" my hometown any time you please. :O)

  3. I SO enjoyed reading about your home town this week LuAnn - thanks for joining us for Friendship Friday at Create With Joy!

    This week's party is open and you are one of our Featured Friends!

    I look forward to reading your post this week!

    Have a fabulous weekend as you

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