Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blog Dare - Mama Bear on the Prowl

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So many good prompts and groups and hops to follow this month, the first of which is the Blog Dare group prompt on the Bloggy Moms site.  Tiffany Noth, top banana at Bloggy Moms is doing 366 days of prompts for the group this year, and that is ONE TALL ORDER.  So her prompt for May 1st, 2012 is:

That is when I turned into Mama Bear on the prowl.

Well....I had an experience a week or two ago that ... just made those little MamaBear hairs on the back of my neck stand up.  I had recently volunteered to pick up an older woman who lives near me for church on Sundays.  She is in a wheelchair and next time we will try the Ford Escort, because getting her in and out of the GMC Suburban is just not happening.   I stopped by her senior apartment the day before Sunday a week ago and her nephew and his fiancee had moved out, while her own fiance had moved in, and he would be going to church as well.  They are both in their 60's or 70's I would say.

I mentioned that it was lucky only my daughter was going with us as if my boys were going as well, there would not be enough room for the four of us and the two of them in the Escort (it only has two doors).  The man then said, "Well, one of your kids could sit on my lap."  Ok, I'll put myself out quite a bit to help the less fortunate, but that is where I draw the line...letting one of my children sit on the lap of a man I've only met twice?  I think NOT.  It might have been a perfectly innocent comment, I don't know...I just felt really uncomfortable with it.

What do y'all think?

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