Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fit Friday - from "It's My Life"

So my friend writes about small victories at her blog "It's my life...". She's rockin' and rollin' in terms of getting more fit.

My choices have been somewhat bound by needs/limitations, as in if someone offerred me a sinfully delicious chocolate chip cookie, I ate it, because we're broke until payday and I've been saving the food at home for the family. But even in the midst of that chaos, it is still possible to make good choices. I say this not to blow my own horn, but to maybe give hope to someone who is feeling that small steps don't make a difference.

As you know, I work in a residential/teaching facility for adults with mental retardation and developmental disabilities. The ladies in my home are less mobile than most and get bathed in a pedestal bathtub (that raises and lowers), while sitting on a lift. They have 'self-care' boxes containing their shampoo, soap, etc. When we have enough staff we bring all the boxes and night clothes to the bathing room in the afternoon to save some time later on. (Yes, I'm getting to the point now...*lol*) I could've carried the boxes in a group of 2 and 3, but I chose to carry them one at a time to get in extra steps.

We took two of the ladies on a shopping trip to Walmart on Friday. One is a ward of the state and gets very little, so it was absolutely thrilling to see that she got $20 to spend on whatever she wanted. I planned our route through the store in order to get more walking in. This was also beneficial to her, as we passed more items and could talk about them.

A couple times this last week I made a conscious choice to forgo a couple of cigarettes.

That's all I really can remember right now, but that's ok ... usually I can hardly remember yesterday! *lol*


  1. Good for you! Sometimes it's hard to make a note of the tiny differences we can make that have an impact!
    I'll try to remember that when I get frustrated that I can't find parking close to store entrances. LOL.
    Thanks for linking back to me! (And for being my most faithful reader. :-))

  2. its true, the small steps really do make a difference. they are the base for the really big ones and im happy to hear your taking them :)

  3. Every little bit of extra effort counts! I sometimes use the time I do housework to get a little exercise in. Like to do lunges when I vacuum. Keep pushing yourself and thanks for a great motivational post!